Pig-blood spill closes road near Klamath Falls

A Klamath Falls-area road remained closed this morning after a truck hauling animal waste from a Klamath Falls processing plant broke, spilling 4,000 pounds of pig blood.

The spill late Wednesday closed Tingley Lane between Joe Wright Road and the South Side Bypass, just off Highway 140, the road connecting Klamath Falls to the White City area.

A biohazards cleaning company from Prineville was called in to clean up about 200 feet of roadway flooded by the blood.

Residents worried about the stench and health hazards.

“It could make our animals sick,” said Amanda Dearing, whose house is along the road. “It could make us really sick.”

Authorities said they hadn’t determined why the valve broke.

The semitrailer truck was leaving Masami Foods on Wednesday afternoon, bound for Tacoma, Wash.

— The Associated Press

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