Phoenix seeks water commission volunteers

Phoenix officials are seeking volunteers for a newly formed City Water Commission to help with the city's second water-rate study in two years.

Concerns over the fairness of water rates for people who don't use much water prompted the review, so council members last month directed staff to form the water commission and to move forward on plans to work with the Rural Communities Assistance Corporation.

The RCAC will work with city officials, the council and water commission to review existing rates and make suggestions for more equitable methods of charging for water while meeting the city's budget needs.

While water rates were raised last year, mobile home residents cried foul this year after being assessed what could be the valley's largest base rate, at $33.50 per month for water.

The base rate includes the first 5,000 gallons. A large number of residents, particularly people who live in mobile-home parks, have testified to the city council that they feel they are paying for a large amount of water that they are unlikely to use.

With the aid of city staff, water commission members will make recommendations to the City Council to determine future water rates.

City Manager Eli Naffah, who said only three residents had applied for the new commission so far, said input from the committee would aid in the water-rate study. The group would meet quarterly or as needed.

Mayor Carlos DeBritto will appoint members to the new commission.

Residents who wish to be considered for the available positions can apply at City Hall, 112 W. Second St.

For more info, call 541-535-1955 or email

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