Phoenix mayor won't resign

PHOENIX — Mulling over the reasons he ran for office to begin with, Mayor Carlos DeBritto announced Tuesday that he won't resign from his post any time soon.

DeBritto, frustrated, left a City Council meeting Monday night after discussions over a personnel issue became heated.

As he left the council chambers, DeBritto said to a handful of residents that he planned to resign.

Contacted at home after the meeting, he acknowledged his frustration stemmed from the closed council session, called to discuss a personnel matter.

"I can't work with people I can't have full confidence and trust in," he said.

DeBritto said he couldn't discuss the personnel issue that caused the conflict Monday night.

On Tuesday, DeBritto showed up for a 7 a.m. meeting and said "I guess I'm going to hold off (resigning) for the time being."

"I think we've got too many issues right now that might be negatively impacted by any change in the council. Hopefully in the meantime we'll get those personnel issues cleared up."

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