Parks receive funding for improvements

State grants totaling $138,000 will help Central Point, Gold Hill and Phoenix improve their parks.

The grants, announced this week by the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, will be used for projects ranging from trail improvements to a basketball court.

Central Point received $25,000 for permanent restrooms in Forest Glen Park, which will meet the city's goal of providing bathroom facilities at all large parks.

"The City Council asked us a couple years ago to make sure we had permanent restrooms in all our parks that were over an acre," said recreation supervisor Jennifer Boardman.

In Phoenix, a $32,000 grant will pay for a restroom at Colver Park, named for a pioneer family who settled much of the area.

In Gold Hill, a grant of $81,000 will build a basketball court and improve a parking lot at the popular sports park, said Mary Goddard, city recorder. City officials also hope to establish exercise stations along surrounding trails.

"Now we'll finally have that one area paved and we've already set aside money in the budget for bathrooms," said Goddard, who wrote the grant.

"We'll get restrooms finally taken care of and try to squeeze in the basketball courts and some stuff along the trail. You've got to bring people to the park and there's got to be something to do out there."

Buffy Pollock is a freelance writer living in Medford. E-mail her at

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