Tammy Sona reported this custom motorized Schwinn bike stolen Sunday.

Owner wants help getting back stolen motorized bikes

A Medford woman is on the hunt for two unusual motorized Schwinn bicycles that were stolen from her southwest Medford carport over the weekend.

Each bicycle had been customized with a gas motor and muffler. They were purchased at a trade show outside of the area for $650 each. And owner Tammy Sona wants them back.

In addition to calling police, Sona has notified pawn and bicycle shops, put the word out on Facebook and is keeping an eye on Craigslist to see if the bikes show up for sale on the site.

"Our biggest concern is that they won't know how operate the bikes and destroy them," Sona said of the thieves. "They are brand new bikes with brand new motors. They're a little tricky to learn how to operate."

Sona hardly has had a chance to ride the unique bikes herself.

"They hadn't been ridden since we first bought them in September," Sona said.

Since then, the bikes have been stashed away in her carport, secured with double locks.

Sona's home on the corner of Oakdale Drive and Oakdale Avenue has no street lights, she said, so the thieves were able to sneak on to the property to remove the bicycles, cutting four locks used to secure the bikes.

When she discovered the bikes were gone Sunday morning, Sona called the Medford Police Department to file a report, but an officer has not yet been to their house to examine any evidence.

"There were footprints on the concrete, and the police didn't even come out," said Sona.

Sona is offering a $200 reward for the found bicycles or a $400 reward if the find leads to an arrest.

According to Sona her neighbor's bicycles were unlocked and sitting out where they could have been stolen but the thieves were only interested in the motorized bicycles.

Medford police Lt. Bob Hansen suggests putting bicycles inside a locked garage or shed, and where there is lots of light.

For Sona, the most unnerving element of the theft is that these bicycles were targeted and taken at the most opportune time.

"Somebody was literally watching our home for a period of time," she said. "It's just creepy."

Anyone with information about the stolen bicycles should call Medford Police at 541-774-2200.

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