Oregon students beat nation, last year's test takers on SAT

Oregon's SAT college entrance scores nudged up slightly this year, and remain well above the national average.

The class of 2012 scored two points higher on Critical Reading, one point higher on Math, and exactly the same on Writing, compared to the class of 2011.

Oregon Deputy Superintendent of Instruction Rob Saxton says it’s nice to see improvement, but he says the state’s education overhaul that's underway promises much more.

"A redesign that gets us to having more kids college- and career-ready and changes us from a plus one, or plus two, or an even, on the SAT, to a plus 25, and a plus 10, and a plus 10 – those are the kinds of results that we’re looking for," Saxton says.

Certain students are already scoring better on the SAT. Students who took the state’s "common core": four years of English, and three years each of math, science, and social studies scored 116 points higher than those who didn’t. Teens who took the PSAT – which Oregon offers free to sophomores – scored more than 150 points higher across the three SAT tests than students who didn’t take it.

This story originally appeared on Oregon Public Broadcasting.

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