Oregon lawmakers adjourn their 2007 session

SALEM — The Oregon Legislature adjourned its 2007 session today, after 172 days in which the majority Democrats were able to pass major increases in education funding, created the state’s first rainy day fund and gave same-sex couples most of the state benefits of marriage under a domestic partnerships bill.

In an Oregon tradition, House Speaker Jeff Merkley and Senate President Peter Courtney simultaneously banged the final gavels to bring the session to a close.

It was the shortest session since 1995. It adjourned well ahead of the 2005 session, which dragged on until Aug. 5 of that year as a divided Legislature fought over education funding and other issues.

This year, Democrats controlled both chambers and the governor’s office for the first time in 16 years, and they used their majorities to press an aggressive agenda.

But Republicans, while they were in the minority, still were able to block most tax increases proposed by Democrats.

— Associated Press

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