Oregon Health Plan reservation deadline coming

The next drawing from the Oregon Health Plan (OHP) reservation list will take place Monday, April 5, to choose 8,000 people to apply for enrollment in the state health program. The drawing is part of an ongoing process to bring 35,000 additional adults into OHP.

To be included in the next drawing, names must be received before April 5. To be added to the reservation list, low-income Oregonians may call 1-800-699-9075 or 711 TTY, or visit the Web site at www.ohplist.oregon.gov. Reservation request forms are also available at local Department of Human Services' offices, local county health departments, and most hospitals and health care clinics.

OHP Standard covers physician services, prescription drugs, mental health and chemical dependency treatment, emergency medical services and limited dental, hospital and vision services. Adults in the program pay monthly premiums ranging from nothing to $20, depending on income and household size.

Those whose names are drawn can apply for coverage and, if they are eligible, they will be enrolled in the Oregon Health Plan.

An estimated 140,000 Oregonians would qualify for OHP based on income. Because of this, the state has created the reservation list and will hold monthly drawings from the list. Children do not have to wait on a reservation list thanks to the Oregon Healthy Kids plan. Children and teens up to age 19 may qualify today. Call 1-877-314-5678 or visit the Healthy Kids Web site at www.oregonhealthykids.gov.

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