Oregon group seeks voters for initiative review panel

An Oregon nonprofit has mailed out 10,000 letters to voters, including some in Jackson County, inviting them to participate in a review panel to help inform fellow voters on ballot measures.

"This is a really special opportunity," said Elliot Shuford, a co-director of the nonprofit and nonpartisan organization Healthy Democracy Oregon. "Rarely do we get the chance to inform every voter about measures."

The Citizens' Initiative Review is a review process for statewide ballot measures by a group of randomly selected Oregon voters. The group's goal is to provide voters with reliable and truthful information. The panelists' findings will be published in the voters' pamphlet, in an effort to help Oregon voters cut through campaign clutter and boil measures down to their key points.

"The voters' pamphlet is probably the single most important source of information voters go to," said Don Hamilton, chief of communications for the Oregon Secretary of State. According to Hamilton, the majority of voters consult the voters' pamphlet before casting their votes. "Clearly, it's a very important factor."

The 10,000 letters that went out today will ask selected voters to fill out and return a short survey in order to qualify as potential panelists. The letters were mailed in a random sampling of voters, with the number sent to each county based on the number of registered voters.

— The Bend Bulletin

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