Officers, dogs unhurt in four-car pile up

A group of Josephine County Sheriff's Department and Medford police officers and their dogs were involved in a four-car pile up on Riverside Avenue Wednesday afternoon on their way to a training exercise, Medford police said.

The officers and their dogs — two from Josephine County and one from Medford — were driving north on Riverside. Traffic was stopped at the light at the intersection of Riverside and 12th Street, but the last deputy in line failed to stop, hitting the vehicle of a fellow deputy in front of him. The impact pushed that vehicle into a Medford police car, which in turn hit a stopped passenger car that wasn't traveling with the group, Medford police said in a news release about the crash.

All the cars had to be towed from the scene, police reported. One Josephine County deputy received minor hand injuries, but he was treated at the scene. None of the other people nor dogs was hurt, police said.

Medford police are investigating the crash. None of the officers' names or other details were released initially.

The officers and dogs had been training in south Medford and were headed across town to another location for additional training when the crash happened.

— Anita Burke

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