October 25, 1913

October 25, 1913

The grand jury adjourned yesterday after hearing 107 witnesses and returning 21 true bills out of 24 cases. A new grand jury will be called Monday to finish up the work. A surprising number of cases involving loose morals were presented and more are scheduled for the new session. The retiring grand jury praised Prosecutor Kelly for his able and hard work and commended county officials in its report.

The list of indictments returned is as follows:

Edward White, obtaining money under false pretenses, to wit: defrauding Emil Mohr of the Medford Hotel out of $4.20, plead guilty, given one to five years.

Moses Lifer, burglary in the night, plead not guilty; trial set for next week.

Charles Rose of Ashland, obtaining money under false pretense; alleged to have mortgaged property to the First National Bank when it had been previously encumbered.

J.A. Kelts and wife of Talent, separate indictments, assault with intent to kill, plead not guilty; trial set for next week. Alleged to have fired shots at Everett Bailey and Glenn Witherow as an aftermath of a long-standing quarrel.

Chalres M. Patterson, larceny by bailee, plead not guilty; demurrer to true bill overruled, trial set for next week.

Mrs. Ownie Knutzen, assault with intent to commit mayhem, plead not guilty; trial set next week. Alleged to have broken Mrs. Philo Bliven's arm during an irrigation ditch quarrel.

C.E. Land, pointing a gun at another, plead not guilty.

Charles E. Stanton, taking fish with gaff hook, plead not guilty; first case to be tried Monday.

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