October 23, 1913

Mayor Purdin has opened a matrimonial bureau for the benefit of those tired of single-blessedness and anxious to try teamwork. This new bureau has not been created by the council, but out of the bigness of the mayor's heart and his desire to render a real service to unmated humanity.

As a starter, the mayor has received the following letter from an applicant for the hand of a good man. It can be answered direct or the mayor will forward the replies. There are no fees connected with the bureau.

To the Mayor of Medford, Ore.

Dear Sir:

I have been told there are a number of middle west and eastern people in Southern Oregon. I am from Pennsylvania and Illinois myself and came to the northwest believing I could make a good living, but have spent all my money trying and have failed, and even in housework, no white woman can get a position, as everyone employs Swedes or Japanese men. Now I wonder if you do not know a respectable well-to-do man, Pennsylvanian perhaps, who needs a wife.

I am not young, and want to meet only a man of from 40 to 50 years old. I am near 40, of medium size, about 135 weight and have always had the best of health. I am intelligent, educated and companionable, a good housekeeper and like a pleasant home. I am not very much for company, preferring home folks, horses, dogs, chickens, etc. to strangers. I have lived here nearly a year and do not know anyone.

If you can think of any one you can handthis letter to, I will be indebted to you.

Very respectfully,


No. 2839 Mary Street,

West Seattle

Oct. 20, 1913

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