Number of St. Mary's students quarantined in China doubles

Twelve students from St. Mary's School who are visiting China have now tested positive for the H1N1 virus, and some may not be able to travel home with the rest of their group.

The students are scheduled to leave China Thursday and return to Oregon Friday, but Frank Phillips, St. Mary's principal, said students who have tested positive will have to remain hospitalized until they test negative, which has been three to four days for other students who tested positive earlier.

As of Tuesday, only six students had tested positive for the virus.

Phillips said the students who have swabbed positive for H1N1 show only mild symptoms, and a few have been entirely asymptomatic. Some have had headaches and general achy feeling, "but nobody is in dire straits," he said.

Phillips said a teacher will remain with the hospitalized students, who might have to stay in China until Aug. 2 or 3. He expects to know late tonight whether other students or teachers will have to remain in China.

— Bill Kettler

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