November 29, 1913

Owing to the storm, attendance at The Hospital Fair was small yesterday night but those who came were all repaid by the special concert.

Mention had been made of the first appearance of the Rogue River Valley Pippins. They certainly justified the name — and it describes them accurately. Their voices, blending in perfect harmony in Old Black Joe, is something to be remembered.

Their lullaby was a dreamy thing that everyone enjoyed, though, owing to the position of the balcony from which they sang, their voices did not carry well.

The duet by Josephine Root and Caroline Andrews was beautiful, giving both their voices a wide range. These charming singers were greatly applauded.

William Vawter's baritone solo was a wonderfully pleasing selection, showing his voice at its best. In depth and richness of tone as well as in volume this young singer is proving the many flattering things predicted for him.

Zaidee the wonderful Egyptian, braved the storm to bring peace and light to those who needed their help. The dainty Fanchon pitched her tent beside Zaidee's and many who wished to know how the cards would fall for them sought her. Shiik Al Abraham in his pagan glory stood without the tents and parted the supplicants from their coin.

They will all be there tonight again and it is your last chance to meet these wonderful wanderers from a desert land.

The dance tonight is to have a special orchestra beginning at 8:30 and Mr. Ben Sheldon who has charge of the floor promises that all the peaches and pippins of the Rogue will be there.

The services of Mr. Geo. E. Boos of Good Roads fame have been secured to auction off the articles remaining in the booths. There will be merriment in plenty and goodly bargains too. Be sure to come and bring your friends that you may aid a little in making the last night of the fair a success.

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