November 27, 1913

PORTLAND, Ore., Nov. 27 — "I found the country schools in Jackson, Douglas and Josephine counties in very bad condition. In some instances, indescribably filthy," reports Mrs. Katherine Kelly, visiting nurse for the state board of health who has been spending some time in the three counties investigating sanitary conditions in the schools.

"Teachers are negligent and refuse to take the responsibility for keeping the schools up. The supervisors provided for by the last Legislature should help out more and keep the schools clean," she stated to Dr. Calvin S. White, state health officer, under whose direction the inspection trips are made.

Mrs. Kelly reported that the cleanest and best kept school found on the entire trip was in Josephine County, where Miss Vivian Bretherton, aged 18 years, of Portland, who graduated from Washington High School last year, is teaching. The school was very clean, the children were the cleanest of any met on the trip and the students were the most enthusiastic and contented on any. She reports they are preparing to give "The Bridge of the Gods" next Thursday night at the schoolhouse.

The worst school, Mrs. Kelly contends, was a two-room building in Josephine County, where two sisters are in charge. One has been a teacher in New York for 16 years. There the windows looked as if they had not been washed for a year, and there appeared to be no pretense of ever sweeping or cleaning the floors.

Many cases of contagious skin diseases were found and will be treated by the county health officers to whom the cases have been reported. "Impetigo" is a comon skin disease reported. In cases where these diseases are found the condition seems to be general, it is reported.

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