November 25, 1913

November 25, 1913

A raid conducted jointly Monday by game wardens of California and Oregon on a deserted mining cabin on Dutch Creek, near Hutton on the California side of the border, yielded six San Francisco Coast League players as prisoners for violations of the game law. Carcasses of two deer, rifles and ammunition in wholesale quantities were confiscated. The prisoners are Jerry Downs, Harry Hughes, J.Clark, H. Mundorf, Wm. "Happy" Hogan, and Louis Pepulveda.

The ball players established themselves in winter quarters several weeks ago. The wives of three of them, Downs, Clark and Hogan, recently joined them. Hogan was left with the women and the other players taken to Yreka today. Upon their return Hogan will report to the authorities in Yreka. The prisoners say they thought they were so far out of the world that hunting was safe and admit securing an abundance of game. They take their arrest good naturedly.

The retreat was located several days ago by Wardens Sandry, Hubbard and Merrill of Oregon, who notified Deputy Commissioners J.S. White of Redding and John Harris of Yreka.

H.B. Patterson, the Quaker nurseryman, has received his winter supply of nursery stock and invites the public to call and make selection early at his headquarters, South Fir and Fifth street.

"Now is the best time to plant trees and shrubs of all kinds," says Mr. Patterson, "so the roots can develop before spring starts the top. My stock has been thoroughly inspected and is free from any kind of infection.

"I have all varieties of fruit and shade trees. My ears are on Japanese roots and as near blight proof as possible. I have evergreens, cedars, hollys, roses and shrubbery.

"Selections should be made once to secure the finest stock."

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