November 24, 1913

November 24, 1913

November 24, 1913

Medford's new $40,000 concrete bridge is being torn up by S.S. Bullis for his trolley line. According to Engineer William Gerig of the P&E, under whose supervision the bridge was constructed, this action will materially damage the bridge, and is entirely uncalled for.

The noon work was begun tearing up the track on the west end of the bridge. City Engineer Arnspiger said that he did not know by whose authority the work was permitted to proceed. No one seemed to know.

The Bullis company has no franchise on the bridge, nor any right to tear up the track or alter it. Under the franchise, the company has permission to use the bridge and pays an annual sum for its use, but no right to lay rails upon it.

The Bullis company has all along objected to the sharp angle of the rails laid upon the bridge. This angle was, however, placed there by design, stated Mr. Gerig, to force trolley cars to slow down when traversing the bridge.

Mayor Purdin said this afternoon that as far as he knew no action would be taken to stop the Bullis', and that inasmuch as they had a franchise, there was no way to stop them. He said the reason was to eliminate a sharp angle, and that the city engineer had drawn the lines for that purpose. The mayor also declared that he did not see how the Bullis' were ever going to get returns on the money they are investing.

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