November 21, 1913

November 21, 1913

A.G. Fuller, formerly an automobile machinist of Meford, now of Grants Pass, was found guilty this morning on a statutory charge against Beatrice Kavanaugh, a sixteen year old girl, whose fall, she testified on the witness stand, was accomplished by him when she was but 13 years old. The girl told of their relations since. She is now in the Sacred Heart hospital suffering from the effects of a nervous breakdown.

The tragic figure of the trial is Mrs. Fuller, wife of the defendant, whose faith in her mate was unshaken until yesterday when she heard letters read from Fuller to the girl whom he called "Babe" that teemed with love, and at times bordered on the salacious suggestive.

Parents Against Daughter

Fuller in defense maintained that he viewed the Kavanaugh girl as a sister and that all his intensions were honorable. The Kavanaugh's father and mother appeared for the defendant and against their own child.

Fuller was a prolific letter writer. Epistles he sent to the girl and her parents were read as evidence. In one the mother of the complaining witness is called "sweetheart."

Herman Eggers and Mrs. Wm. Stock of Grants Pass are on trial in the circuit court this afternoon, the last of the immorality cases before this term of the court. The couple are alleged to have unlawfully cohabitated in this city, their home being a tent. The woman has a family of seven children, and is said to have left her husband. The case will be completed this afternoon.

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