No more bodies found on murder suspect's property

Investigators have found no new additional bodies on the rural Rogue River farm of double-murder suspect Susan Monica, authorities said this afternoon.

The Jackson County Sheriff's Department today wrapped up its three-week search of the 20-acre farm at 9184 W. Evans Creek Road, where Monica is accused of murdering and dismembering the bodies of two people over a 17-month span.

The pigs that Monica reportedly fed dead house pets to have been euthanized and removed from the property, where the buildings were deemed dangerous under county code so anyone who enters the property without authorization faces trespass charges, the sheriff's department said today in a release.

Monica is accused of murdering Robert Haney, a 56-year-old handyman and tenant, on the property in early September and another unidentified victim in early August 2012. An initial identity theft charge accused Monica of using Haney's Oregon Trail card without him being present, and investigators' search of Monica's farm on that case led to the discovery of human body parts, police said.

Though Monica's indictment alleges that she dismembered the bodies, investigators have remained mum on how they believe Monica disposed of the bodies, what body parts were discovered and where they were found.

Investigators dug more than 50 holes and drained a pond during their search for any other possible victims.

Jackson County District Attorney Beth Heckert earlier said investigators believe they know the identity of Monica's alleged 2012 victim, but they will not disclose any information about that person until they positively identify the body. Investigators may have to rely on dental records or a DNA match to a family member for that identification, said Heckert, who declined to elaborate.

Monica is being held without bail in the Jackson County Jail. She is due back in Jackson County Circuit Court for a hearing March 17.

— Mark Freeman

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