Newspaper threatens suit over proposed rule

A proposal that Ashland prohibit City Council members from talking to the media about closed-door sessions has drawn the threat of legal action from a newspaper editor.

The council could vote as soon as tonight on the proposed rule, which would stipulate council members "should not" discuss matters from executive session with the press following adjournment of the closed sessions.

It would not change how the council conducts business but would provide "clarity" for council members, said City Administrator Martha Bennett.

However, Ashland Daily Tidings Editor Andrew Scot Bolsinger said such a rule change would set the stage for a legal challenge.

"This is an issue of very high importance to the public and to the way we do our business," Bolsinger said. "Hopefully, we can work something out, but we will challenge this as far as we can" if needed.

— Daily Tidings, Ashland

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