New results show Lost Creek algae bloom over

TRAIL — Lost Creek Lake's spring bloom of toxic blue-green algae is over.

Now only the flow of paperwork flow will determine exactly when a public-health advisory against water contact there will be lifted and the stream of swimmers, anglers and waterskiers will return to Jackson County's most popular reservoir.

Tests results today show extremely low levels of anabaena flos-aquae in the lake, creating the final piece of data the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers needed to seek the lifting of the voluntary advisory in effect since June 15.

On Thursday, tests on water sampled June 19 showed non-detectable levels of two toxins associated with the algae. Together, they represent the scientific green light for gaining the reservoir water a clean bill of health.

The Corps this afternoon hopes to accumulate written reports on those three tests and forward them to the state Department of Human Services and the Jackson County Health Department, says Jim Buck, the Corps' Rogue River Basin project manager.

DHS officials Thursday said it typically takes a day to review the tests and formally rescind public-health advisories involving algae blooms, whose toxins can cause illness in people and pets if ingested or inhaled.

— Mark Freeman

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