New restricted areas for Oregon coast fishing

SALEM, Ore. — Beginning on Wednesday, two more areas off the Oregon coast will be closed to fishing and other recreational seafood and seaweed harvesting. New restrictions are beginning at marine reserves at Cascade Head just north of Lincoln City and at Cape Perpetua south of Yachats, The Statesman-Journal reports.

All fishing is prohibited inside the boundaries of the reserves. That includes the taking of invertebrates as well as seaweed and wildlife in those areas.

There will also be slightly less-restrictive rules at "marine protected areas" north and south of both reserves and on the western edge of the reserve at Cascade Head.

Similar recreational and commercial prohibitions are in place on marine reserves at Redfish Rocks south of Port Orford and Otter Rock between Depoe Bay and Newport.

In the marine protected area, some sports activities will be allowed, such as trolling for salmon, crabbing and fishing from the shore.

In the marine protected area and in a seabird protection area south of the Cape Perpetua Marine Reserve, the taking of baitfish - Pacific herring, Pacific sardine, anchovies, smelt and Pacific sand lance - is banned to protect the food base for the birds, but all other fishing is allowed.

A fifth reserve/protected area complex at Cape Falcon just north of Manzanita on the north coast will have restrictions starting on Jan. 1, 2016.

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