New Ashland report cards more comprehensive

Students in Ashland's traditional elementary schools will receive comprehensive report cards this year as part of an effort to better assess student progress and to ensure teaching material is similar at all three schools.

Instead of receiving a rating in the general subject of reading, for example, first-grade students will be assessed on 10 aspects of reading, including whether they can create rhymes, read at least 30 correct words per minute, and match read and printed words.

"This lets the parents know exactly where their students are in relation to a particular area of reading, and it does the same thing with writing and math," Superintendent Juli Di Chiro said.

"The parents will get a much better understanding of what their child knows and is able to do."

Students will receive the new report cards in January and again at the end of the school year.

Teachers will have a better idea of which students are on track to meet state standards by the end of the year, and which need help in particular areas, she said.

The teachers will assess the effectiveness of the report cards at the end of the year and may make changes to them, Di Chiro said.

John Muir School and Willow Wind Community Learning Center give students evaluations instead of report cards, but teachers at those schools may use the new report cards to craft their evaluations, she said.

— Ashland Daily Tidings

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