Narrow Ashland streets might lose parking

Ashland's Transportation Commission will consider whether to reduce parking on more than two dozen narrow streets, after Ashland Fire Chief John Karns reported that fire engines might be unable to reach houses there.

An Ashland Fire & Rescue survey found that 26 streets are too narrow to accommodate fire engines when cars are parked on both sides.

"There were a number of streets in Ashland that, depending on how the parking was occurring, we would have trouble getting in there," Karns said Friday. "If we're responding to an emergency medical or fire call, we certainly need to get in close proximity to the structure, particularly with fire calls."

The Transportation Commission will discuss putting no-parking signs on one side of the streets at its February meeting, said Jim Olson, the city's engineering services manager.

Among the streets fire officials believe may be too narrow are Evergreen Lane, Evan Lane, Seena Lane, Old Willow Lane, River Rock Road, Meadow Lark Way, Stoney Point, Camelot Drive, Patton Lane, Overlook Drive, Stone Ridge Avenue, Quinn Lane, Monte Vista Drive, Hitt Road, Strawberry Lane, Westwood Street, Spring Hill Drive, Drew Lane and Creek Drive.

— Ashland Daily Tidings

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