MT 100: Oct. 28, 1913

In a last effort to save the necks of Frank Seymour and Mike Spanos, sentenced to die next Friday (Oct. 31, 1913) on the gallows at the state prison at Salem for the murder of George Dedaskalous in this city a year ago. Attorney B.R. McCabe has filed an affidavit with Governor West in which it is claimed "third Degree" methods were used to extort the series of confessions from the pair.

The affidavit is by a gentleman now in the state prison, who served in the county jail when the condemned men were waiting trial, and he sets forth the methods employed by former Sheriff Jones and his assistants.

At Seymour's trial testimony repeated in the convict's affidavit was introduced showing that water was dropped on a wash pan at night while a figure in a white sheet moaned: "Hear the blood drip! George! George! Can't you stop it!" This operation, with similar ones, is maintained to have unduly influenced the slayers.

The chance for life imprisonment for the two is considered slim. Word has been received in this city that Seymour, while in the death cell, has been guilty of degenerate practices. Spanos' behavior has been model, but too late. The petition asking for commutation of the death sentence has been received by the governor.


Samuel Munday, late of the Espee section crew, of this city, is serving a 10-day sentence in Portland for an attempt at self-destruction. Today he entered a second-hand store in that city, after having depleted his finances seeing the sights, and purchased a revolver.

Two detectives were in the place at the time, and they placed him under arrest. It was then the melancholy Munday confessed his impulse to "end it all." Ten days on the municipal rock pile were given him in which to debate the matter.

Munday deserted his family in this city about one month ago, taking the major portion of his paycheck with him. The Portland episode is the first trace received of his subsequent whereabouts. If the 10-day sentence suffices, and he is fortunate in securing train connections, Munday should be back at his former employment by a week from Monday. — Gold Hill News.

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