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September 9, 1913

Unless the people of Medford wake up and get busy before the polls close at 8 o'clock tonight the road bonds are likely to meet defeat. At noon only 10 percent of the vote of the city had been cast, and the opposition to the bonds was out in full force. The vote in county precincts is also light but heavily against the bonds. Few women were exercising their newly acquired privilege of the ballot, though in the afternoon the women turned out better.

General lethargy seemed in command of the Medford businessmen. A canvass of the stores revealed the fact that two thirds of voters had not turned out. The supposition that the bonds would carry easily caused many to lose interest. In no important election in the history of the city was so little interest taken by both sexes — with indication that the awakening will come too late to be of benefit.

Either registration, that for the general election last fall or the recent registration, entitle those registered to vote. Or, if not registered, voters can be sworn in by six freeholders signing their statement before the judge of the election board in the precinct.

Failure of Sheriff Singler to provide signs for the polling places, as well as eleventh-hour action in locating polling places, caused no little confusion among voters. Polls in the wards are as follows:

Northwest — Grove School.

Southeast — Porter house, third or right from bridge, going east.

North Main — Smith's Hall, North Grape between Fifth and Sixth.

South Central — Halley building between Main and Eight streets.

Northeast — Humphrey building, corner Main and Geneva

North Central — City Hall.

Oakdale — 221 West Main.

South Main — Hafer Building, at end of paving West Eleventh Street.

At Ashland the good roads bond vote was light this morning, but 274 votes being cast in the four wards up to noon. A heavy women vote is expected this afternoon, with the railroad men coming to the polls after 5 o'clock.

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