Movers arrested for meth possession, lack of insurance

BEAVERTON, Ore. — Oregon Transportation Department officials and Beaverton police have taken aim at illegal movers in a sting operation.

The Oregonian reports that each of five unlicensed movers was cited and accused of not complying with consumer protection and safety laws.

Beaverton police Officer Mike Rowe said Transportation officials booked appointments Wednesday with the movers at a decoy home. The targets had previously been identified as unlicensed.

Rowe says four of the five trucks were placed out of service.

Police issued citations that included driving while suspended, driving without a valid license and failing to provide proof of insurance. One person was even arrested for possessing meth.

The Transportation Department says that in Oregon, people offering moving services for money must be approved by the state. That means having a business license, undergoing a criminal background check and possessing the proper insurance coverage.

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