Mountain route won't open until Saturday

Bear Camp Road between Galice and the Oregon coast is set to reopen Saturday, in time for Memorial Day weekend travel, officials said.

Oregon Department of Transportation crews expect to complete snow removal today. Then, Forest Service workers will remove downed trees from the road, a popular route for shuttle drivers for trips on the Rogue River.

Heavy winter snow at high elevations brought down lots of trees and rocks on the winding, one-lane road, Forest Service spokeswoman Patty Burel said in a news release today.

Barricades and markers are set at numerous rock slides that narrow the road in places, but drivers must be cautious, she said. Vehicles towing trailers are advised to use alternate routes. Highway 199 is recommended for recreational vehicles, those towing trailers and people unaccustomed to driving on winding forest roads.

— Anita Burke

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