Mount Ashland group will work on appeals issues

The Mount Ashland Association and the Forest Service plan to work together to meet the requirements set out in a Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals decision on the ski area's expansion.

The association that operates the ski hill announced today that after meeting with Forest Service officials they expect to move forward on the issues the appeals court panel identified.

The judges' opinion called for the Forest Service to study the expansion's impact on the Pacific fisher, a dark brown weasel with a bushy tail, and take measures to preserve wetlands and streams before any expansion may proceed.

Ski area officials said that after preliminary review of the opinion, the Forest Service estimated a period of six to 12 months will be needed to complete the further evaluation that the court required.

However, both the Forest Service and the Mount Ashland Association are working with attorneys to review the opinion regarding further appeal or other options.

— Anita Burke

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