Motorist dies while changing flat tire

CANYONVILLE — A 43-year-old Riddle man died Saturday afternoon along Interstate 5 after he was struck by a semi-trailer while trying to change a flat tire, according to the Oregon State Police.

OSP Sgt. Matt Bowersox's investigation found that at about 4:30 p.m., Wes Roy Woods pulled over to repair a flat tire at milepost 102, about two miles north of Canyonville.

His car was parked about three feet from the fog line, and the flat was on the driver's side. Bowersox said there was additional space for the car so that it could have been parked farther away from the fog line.

Woods knelt down to change the tire with his feet across the fog line, Bowersox said. The emergency flashers were also turned on.

A semi-trailer driven by Gurmail S. Dhillon, 31, of Surry, British Columbia, was heading northbound, following another commercial truck and trailer. When Dhillon's saw Woods kneeling down, he braked and tried moving into the left lane.

The semi-trailer's rear tires ran over the fog line and over Woods legs, Bowersox said.

Two female passengers in the car, ages 20 and 19, looked after Woods until emergency crews arrived, Bowersox said. The victim was transported by ambulance to Mercy Medical Center in Roseburg where he died from injuries about an hour after he was struck, Bowersox said.

— Damian Mann

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