Most of Butte Falls council quits over new ethics law

BUTTE FALLS — Calling it an invasion of family privacy, four members of the town's six-member City Council have resigned over a revised state ethics law.

The new law expands financial information public officials are required to disclose and has resulted in resignations of more than 100 public officials around Oregon.

"What are they trying to do? Stop all volunteers?" asked 10-year councilwoman Diane Holm, one who decided to leave. "Do they know how difficult it is in a small town to get someone to run for office?

"Once I decided not to subject my children to being on the Internet for just a database. I knew it was time to quit."

Jana Goodman, Ned Soso and Shawn Stephens also resigned.

Oregon law until last year gave cities the option of opting out of annual financial disclosure requirements for public officials. When the Legislature ended that option, it also increased reporting requirements to include the listing of relatives over 18, whether they live with the official or not. The information eventually will be included on an Internet database.

Butte Falls is still able to have a quorum with just two council members because of an unusual portion of the city charter, which says if positions are vacant, then a quorum is based upon the remaining members.

— Bill Miller, for the Mail Tribune

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