Most local Measure 37 claims stopped by 49

A majority of the 571 property owners with approved Measure 37 claims in Jackson County might be out of luck because of a new land-use law passed by voters Nov. 6, Jackson County commissioners discovered Tuesday.

Only 154 of the property owners also have approved claims with the state, which gives them some recourse under Measure 49. Of these, 105 have not pursued any kind of land-use action, which greatly diminishes their opportunities under the new law that takes effect Dec. 6.

After further reviewing the status of the claims filed with both the state and county, commissioners found that perhaps as many as 34 might have some chance of exercising the kind of developments they sought under Measure 37 because of the vesting rules set by Measure 49.

"It's a very small number," said Commissioner Dave Gilmour.

Commissioners plan to send out a letter to Measure 37 claimants in about a week to give them some idea where they stand.

— Damian Mann

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