More tires slashed in west Medford

Three more reports of tires being slashed on the west side of Medford came in over the weekend, Medford police said.

The three reports of tire slashings in the last few days make a total count of 21 cases reported since Jan. 17, and a grand total of 30 tires slashed in west Medford.

Several Medford police officers have been assigned to investigate the vandalism, but so far no suspects have been named. Each instance has varied from one to four tires cut, said Medford police Lt. Bob Hansen. In one case, tires were slashed on a school bus

"It is very concerning," Lt. Bob Hansen said. "We just don't have enough bodies to put an officer on every street."

Medford police would like the help from anyone who might have seen suspicious activity in the area. Hansen said that citizens need to keep an eye on their neighborhood and be aware of anyone who looks unfamiliar or ducks behind a car to be avoid being seen.

— Mandy Valencia

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