More students homeless in Medford than in almost any district

For the sixth consecutive year, Medford is second in the state in its number of homeless elementary and secondary students, according to a state report released today.

The Medford School District reported 1,139 homeless students last school year, about 9.4 percent of the district's 12,062-student population.

Medford trailed only the Beaverton School District, which logged 1,580 homeless students, about 4 percent of its 37,950 students.

In other area school districts, Rogue River had 87 homeless students, 8.67 percent of its population, during the last school year; Eagle Point had 278, 6.67 percent; Phoenix-Talent had 97, 3.51 percent; Ashland had 84, 2.86 percent; and Central Point had 121 homeless students, 2.6 percent of its population.

Some 19,040 students statewide were counted as homeless last year. That count excludes students who dropped out of school more than a year before the count and homeless students schools might not have been aware of.

The federal government defines homeless students as those who lack a fixed, regular and adequate nighttime residence. A homeless family could live in an emergency shelter, share housing with others due to loss of housing or economic hardship, stay at motels, or live in cars, parks, public places, tents, trailers or other similar settings.

— Paris Achen

Homeless Student State Totals 09 10
Source: Oregon Department of Education

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