Missing hikers safely off Mount Shasta

MOUNT SHASTA, Calif. — Two missing hikers have made their way off Mount Shasta safely, showing up in a town more than 10 miles from the mountaintop and two days after requesting help, authorities said.

Patricia Giamoni and friend Salvador Frias walked onto the shipping docks of Rosewood Forest Products at about 11:30 p.m. Monday, Siskiyou County Sheriff's Department spokeswoman Susan Gravenkamp said.

The hikers were dehydrated but otherwise in good condition, she said.

Frias had called 9-1-1 late Saturday from the top of the 14,162-foot Mount Shasta and said they needed help. Giamoni, 37, of Apex, N.C., and Frias, 41, of Millbrae, had a day permit to hike the Cascade Range mountain about 220 miles north of Sacramento.

The aerial search for the pair had been hampered by smoke from hundreds of wildfires throughout Northern California.

Frias' 9-1-1 call Saturday was lost before it could be transferred to the sheriff's department, and authorities couldn't get through when they tried redialing the number.

About 30 minutes later, Giamoni's son, Frank Machado, called from North Carolina and said she had called him from the mountain reporting she and Frias needed help.

Frias had given a description of the area and partial coordinates, but that was not enough to help rescuers.

"They weren't able to pinpoint their location," Gravenkamp said.

On Monday, two helicopters dropped eight rescuers onto the mountain, a volcanic peak of the Cascade Range that is about 220 miles north of Sacramento. Authorities also asked the roughly 120 recreational climbers on the mountain to be alert for any signs of the missing hikers.

— The Associated Press

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