Missing cat tale didn't have a happy ending

Back in 2007, Sunday, May 27, in the Local B section of the Mail Tribune, there was an article titled; "Missing; One cat, male, has fondness for gloves," with a precious photo of Rocky (the cat), and Molly Murphy. I would like to know if Rocky was ever found, and if there is a happy ending to this story?

— J. Long, Medford

Unfortunately, the ending to Rocky's story is not a happy one. The cat never returned to its owner Patty Baptiste.

Baptiste, who continues to reside in Medford, is still heartbroken over the loss.

"It's still really hard for me to talk about," Baptiste said. "He and I were very good friends."

Baptiste said she doesn't know what exactly happened to Rocky, who was seven years old when he disappeared.

Shortly after he disappeared, Baptiste, thinking that he may have been hit by a car, walked every street in the vicinity of her home, but found nothing.

"I know he didn't wander off to live with somebody else; we had too good of a connection for him to do something like that," Baptiste said.

She isn't sure, but Baptiste thinks that Rocky may have gotten a little too curious and climbed down a storm drain. She thinks that he may have trapped himself and eventually starved, or was attacked by raccoons, but anything is possible, she said.

Rocky, also known as the "glove-stealing cat" gained notoriety after the Mail Tribune ran an article in 2006 that reported his unusual attraction to Baptiste's neighbors' gloves.

Baptiste eventually set up a clothesline in her front lawn to display the cat's glove loot, so neighbors could reclaim them.

"I really appreciate people remembering him, because he was a really special cat," Baptiste said.

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