Meyers exits Jacksonville City Council over turmoil

JACKSONVILLE — City Councilwoman Linda Meyers has submitted a letter of resignation, after what she described as numerous confrontations with another council member.

"I am, to be sincere, just worn out," Meyers wrote in her letter, "and the constant confrontation about every single issue at every single meeting from a particular councilor has simply crossed the limit of tolerance."

Meyers had been elected to a four-year term that started in January 2009.

"The confrontation has replaced meaningful discussion and has taken over the council on every single topic," Meyers said in an interview Friday. "I don't mind arguing issues, but I'm not going to get in a cat fight. That's the level it has come down to."

Meyers did not identify the council member in the letter or later comments.

Meyers said she did not have the stamina to continue the ongoing struggle.

She said she had devoted 12 hours a day during the past five years, first as an advocate and then as a council member, to protect the historic city.

Meyers thoroughly researched materials and came to meetings ready to discuss issues, said Mayor Bruce Garrett, who added he viewed her as an unofficial leader of the group.

"I strongly encouraged Linda to run for office," said Garrett. "She did a great job and I'm disappointed she felt this way. I thought she brought an added dimension."

In her letter, Meyers also wrote that "certain people are willing to sacrifice their ethics to play political games."

Council members will discuss how to fill her seat for the remainder of the year at an Aug. 17 meeting. Under city charter provisions, the remaining two years of the term will be filled by the voters at the November election. Three four-year council positions will also be on the ballot in November.

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