Medical clinic will move from Shady Cove to Eagle Point

EAGLE POINT — Providence Medical Group will close its Shady Cove clinic in the fall and move to new offices in Eagle Point.

The 2,000-square-foot clinic will be at 1332 Shasta Ave. at the corner of Highway 62 and Shasta. Plans call for opening the office around the first week in November, said Gregg Florentin, chief operating officer for Providence Medical Group.

Florentin said letters have been sent to patients of the Shady Cove clinic advising them of the change.

Dr. Leonard Wilk and physician assistant Carla Morey will continue to treat patients at the Eagle Point clinic, Florentin said.

Providence has operated the Shady Cove clinic for 15 years. Florentin said the building is too run-down to continue to serve patients. Providence considered building a new clinic in Shady Cove, but the city's lack of a water system made staying in Shady Cove unacceptable.

"What if we built a $3 million building and there's no water?" he said. "We'd no longer be able to provide services to patients."

The cost of land in Shady Cove was also prohibitive, Florentin said.

The new clinic will have five patient rooms. Patients will be able to have blood drawn for lab work, and people who take blood thinners such as Coumadin will be able to have their regular monitoring sessions.

The Shady Cove clinic serves about 3,000 individuals. Florentin said people came from as far as Central Point, Grants Pass and Ashland because they like the staff.

The Upper Rogue Community Center will provide transportation to the Eagle Point clinic as part of its regular transportation service for members.

The community center offers round-trip rides to Eagle Point for $4 for members, who pay an annual fee of $10 per household. The service is popular among people who can no longer drive, as well as those who feel anxious driving beyond the friendly confines of Shady Cove, said Samanthy Eyman, the community center's administrative services manager.

"Needless to say, there are lots of people who feel comfortable driving in our community, but not outside it," Eyman said.

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