Medford urban renewal chief turns down part of raise

Medford Urban Renewal Agency's top executive has turned down part of her proposed 10 percent salary hike after several budget committee members rebuked the idea.

"I am prepared to forgo an increase," said Jackie Rodgers, MURA's executive director.

Rodgers said the decision is based on economic conditions.

She made her announcement Thursday when MURA's budget committee approved a $13.7 million spending plan for 2009-10 that is slightly less than the one for the current fiscal year.

MURA calculates that Rodgers would have received a 5 percent merit raise in addition to a cost-of-living increase that would have bumped her salary from $99,686 a year to about $109,000.

She intends to turn down the merit raise, meaning her salary would rise to about $103,000.

Craig Yechout, chairman of the MURA board, said the MURA board has no control over the proposed 3 percent cost-of-living increase for department heads for the city of Medford that would also benefit Rodgers.

— Damian Mann

Additional details: Thursday's Mail Tribune

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