Medford teachers union walks out of negotiations

The Medford Education Association bargaining team walked out of negotiations today, saying the Medford School District was unwilling to budge on its latest contract offer.

"The District made it clear that they were unwilling to offer anything more in terms of a financial package," Cheryl Lashley, MEA president, said in a press release this afternoon. "We have given them every opportunity to negotiate fairly, but we cannot continue to meet if they won't talk about investing more of their increased revenue in teachers. We have the voices of 600 teachers behind us saying that it's time."

A majority of the union's members voted Thursday night to authorize a strike if their bargaining team deemed it necessary.

The release did not say whether a strike was imminent, only that "the MEA bargaining team will meet with the District again as soon as the District is willing to talk about increasing the financial offer and negotiate on all the open articles of the contract."

More details will be released as they are made available.

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