Medford software company announces creation of mobile device game

The reconstituted Trilobyte Games LLC announced creation of "Diddly," a trivia game for Apple operating system-based mobile devices.

The Medford software company says "Diddly" fills a void in the mobile applications market for a high-quality, smart and well produced trivia challenge.

"We believe that the key to a successful trivia game is extremely clever and witty questions, presented in an attractive, simple and user-friendly way," said Chief Executive Officer and game designer Rob Landeros.

"Diddly" is aimed at trivia buffs who enjoy wrapping their minds around double entendre, sub-text and subtlety, Landeros said.

Trilobyte Games plans to fund its latest venture through a Kickstarter campaign — using volunteers on the Internet to raise $25,000 for the project. Kickstarter efforts are now the second most common way to fund movies and books, company spokesman Charlie McHenry said.

"It's a very cool deal that eliminates (venture capitalist) or investor middle-men, so we're not beholden to a Menlo Park firm, and we don't have to share our profits with investors," McHenry said. "We're given 60 days to raise our $25,000 target. If we're not successful, no dollars change hands. Contributors make pledges and Kickstarter keeps 5 percent of successful projects for the use of their platform."

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Even if the Kickstarter avenue fails, McHenry said the company will follow through with the project.

"We'll fund this game one way or the other," he said. "If Kickstarter fails us — and we're anticipating success — we'll find a small investor who will take a royalty to fund development."

Unlike the original Trilobyte, whose computer games generated millions of dollars in sales in the 1990s, the new Trilobyte Games is seeking small niches in a highly fragmented industry.

"We've been working with contractors and collaborators," McHenry said. "Our revenue has reflected the challenges of the Apple ecosystem, with 80,000 competing games. That is to say we're iOS (Apple's operating system for mobile devices) "thousandaires," not making the gazillions that gaming companies used to command."

"Diddly" is the company's fourth property and second ground-up development following "The 7th Guest: Infection." Trilobyte also produced apps for "The 7th Guest" and "The 7th Guest Book of Secrets."

"Diddly" can be played solo, face-to-face or remotely via the Internet. Players play a common game with an iPad used for the main display. Each player uses his or her own iPhone or iPad. Apple TV owners can use the television as the main display and play through their own mobile devices.

Trivia packs will be sold in-app or via iTunes. Regular new packs will be thematically based by general categories, age levels and special interests.

McHenry said Trilobyte has ventured into the e-book realm as well — trademarking the term appBook — and interactive film space.

The company has reached a license agreement for "Hollow Fields" which will be made for iPad use. Other projects, including "Tender Loving Care," Landeros' 1995 film starring John Hurt, for iPad use.

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