Medford pharmacy's postal service will end in April

The postal substation at Medford's Black Oak Pharmacy will close in early April, and the pharmacy will move the following month to a new location near Rogue Valley Medical Center.

Though the substation is convenient for customers, it's not profitable for the pharmacy, said Steve Boe, Black Oak store manager.

The pharmacy receives a share of revenue from sales at the substation, but they are not sufficient to justify taking space in pharmacy's new location, Boe said.

"It loses money every month," he said. "We're told we're at the maximum revenue share."

The substation's last day is April 8.

Medford customers also are served by the downtown post office and can mail letters at a postal service office on Biddle Road and from a site at the Rogue Valley Mall.

Black Oak Pharmacy will move in May to the Siskiyou Medical Building near the northeast corner of Rogue Valley Medical Center, Boe said. The space will be smaller, and the pharmacy's focus will turn to home medical equipment. In addition to the postal substation, giftware and cards will get the axe, he said.

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