Medford parking changes set to go into effect

New blue parking machines are greeting visitors to downtown Medford today.

The machines, which cost about $10,000 each and are solar-powered, have been installed in the two parking garages and at four parking lots.

The machines may not look like much on the outside, but the technology on the inside is designed to make it easier for people to obtain parking passes.

You'll need to remember your license plate number to use the new machines. Determine how long you're going to park, type in the license plate number and insert a credit card or change. Because your license plate has been recorded, you don't need to place the receipt in your car.

Rates are 50 cents an hour for each of the first two hours, then $1 an hour thereafter.

Both the Middleford and Evergreen parking garages are free for the first three hours.

The lot by the Medford library offers one hour of free parking.

Daily rates are $4 in the garages and $5 in parking lots located on Bartlett Street, behind the library, on Central Avenue across from the library and on Central across from Rogue Community College.

Weekly rates of $8 are offered in the Central Avenue lots.

Parking on streets is still an option, but the time limit ranges from one to three hours.

There will be attendants at the machines today to help familiarize motorists with their use.

The city will activate the machines in the parking lots today but may hold off a day or two before turning on the garage machines.

Previously, the city only had parking machines in the two garages and at the parking lot across from the library on Central.

The new machines may eventually be configured to accept payments through smartphones.

Parking times and citations have been changing throughout the city as Medford officials look for ways to gather more revenue to pay for maintenance on parking facilities.

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