Medford council considers small library tax

Medford voters in 2008 could see a property tax proposal to boost Medford library hours from 24 to 40 per week.

The City Council in a study session today pitched questions to Jackson County Administrator Danny Jordan and representatives from Library Systems and Services LLC, the company managing all 15 branches.

Topping the list of ideas the council is considering is asking taxpayers for a levy of 6 cents per $1,000 of assessed value or $16 per year on a house assessed at $250,000.

Councilman Jason Anderson wanted assurance that the overhead of the Medford branch, which is responsible for a lot of the county library system's administrative work, is dispersed among all branches.

Jordan said Medford pays for only its share of countywide operations.

"Every branch pays for those costs regardless of where the function happens," he said.

Mayor Gary Wheeler said the council will likely hold a public hearing in January, after the libraries have been running a few months. At that time there will be statistics available and the council can discuss whether there's a need for additional hours, and if so, what the options are for funding them.

— Meg Landers

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