Medford city manager announces his retirement

Medford City Manager Michael Dyal will retire on Aug. 1 after 13 years in the position.

During Dyal's administration, the city has grown from 55,000 people to 78,000. Nine of the 10 Medford department heads have been hired by Dyal, who will continue working through the month of July in order to enable the City Council to begin the process of filling the manager's position.

In a letter to the City Council and Mayor Gary Wheeler, Dyal praised the city's leadership and expressed his gratitude for their support during good times and bad.

"As the City Manager here in Medford, at times I have had to make tough decisions and take decisive action," Dyal wrote. "It is with appreciation that you have trusted me to do so. By doing this you have earned my respect, my trust and again my gratitude."

In a press release from the city, Dyal is credited with helping streamline the budgeting process and developing the organizational mission statement of "Continuous Improvement — Customer Service." In recent years Dyal also assumed the role of executive director of the Medford Urban Renewal Agency, which the city took over.

Dyal has logged more than 38 years of public service in multiple states. In addition to serving as Medford's manager, Dyal has worked in California, New Mexico, Nevada and Utah, the release said.

— Sanne Specht

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