Medford, Central Point post offices for sale

Efforts to ease financial conditions for a cash-strapped Postal Service are continuing locally, with Medford and Central Point post office locations being posted for sale in recent days.

Medford's multi-story, 80,000-square-foot building on Eighth Street is listed for $3.29 million and Central Point's 8,500-square-foot Pine Street location is available for $1.4 million, both are listed through real estate broker Wade Six.

If all goes as planned, post office operations will remain at both locations — under a lease agreement — even after the properties are sold. If a lease option is not available, Six said he would work to find new Postal Service locations as near to existing sites as possible.

Surveyors were present on Friday, assessing the Medford post office's location and other characteristics. A for sale sign was posted on the building in downtown Medford last week.

Postal Service regional spokesman Peter Hass of Phoenix, Ariz., said selling the buildings is part of a larger, national effort to reduce operating costs for the Postal Service.

Hass said postal officials' primary focus, after cutting costs, is to ensure service is not interrupted to customers.

"Nothing is new. There is no change to the Postal Service's desire to continue services in those communities and also to possibly maintain a presence in those buildings if they are indeed sold," Hass said.

In addition to Central Point and Medford post office locations, Hass said the Eugene post office building is listed for sale.

Central Point City Administrator Phil Messina, who has voiced concerns in recent months about a possible sale, said officials in his city were pleased to learn services would not change for local residents.

Last year, some 3,300 post offices were listed for possible consolidation or reduction in service. Fewer than 200 remain under consideration after public input and further review.

Messina contacted various state representatives and planned to submit a letter to regional postal authorities if consolidation had remained an option.

"We don't care where they sort the mail. We just want to be able to have a post office for our residents," Messina said.

"What they are talking about sounds doable. We aren't worried about how the combination works as long as we have a post office and P.O. boxes."

Buffy Pollock is a freelance writer living in Medford. E-mail her at

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