Medford Blockbuster store hits rewind

The Blockbuster store on the corner of Biddle and McAndrews is going out of business, offering huge discounts on movies and video games as part of a store-wide liquidation sale.

Shutting its doors for good in March, the store appears to be another victim in the wave of Blockbuster closures nationwide, as the company restructures its operations after Dish Network purchased the video-rental chain.

Blockbuster used to be the leader in video and game rentals, beginning as a single store in the mid-1980s and gradually growing into a multinational franchise, but over the years its market share has steadily eroded, falling prey to Netflix, Red Box and streaming video services.

Blockbuster filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in September 2010, and was sold to satellite broadcast service Dish Network Corp. for $320 million in April 2011.

In July, Blockbuster announced that it was able to save 1,500 of its stores, amounting to 15,000 jobs, that would have otherwise been liquidated, according to a company news release. Unfortunately, Medford's Biddle Road store was not on the list.

The store is no longer offering rentals, and is selling most of its movie and video game inventory for $14.99 or $9.99. A sign on the outside of the store asks customers to use the Blockbuster stores that are still open, including one on West Main Street in Medford and another in Central Point.

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