Measure 74 complaint now includes state police sergeant

Oregon officials are casting a wider net in their investigation into allegations that law enforcement officers violated election laws when they discussed Measure 74, the Oregon marijuana initiative.

Sgt. Erik Fisher of the Oregon State Police is now part of the investigation after a complaint filed today by Williams resident Laird Funk based on stories in the Mail Tribune and Register Guard of Eugene.

In the Oct. 7 Mail Tribune story, Fisher told the Mail Tribune that he thought California Proposition 19 and Oregon Measure 74, if approved by voters, would combine to drive down the price of marijuana locally. "It certainly puts the OSP in a pickle. I think it's going to be a mess," he said.

Fisher later denied making the statement, according to the Secretary of State's office. He noted in the Mail Tribune story that OSP has been careful not to take a position on the measures.

Previously Funk had filed a complaint against Medford Police Chief Randy Schoen, Deputy Chief Tim George and Lt. Tim Doney.

Oregon law prohibits state employees from promoting or opposing candidates, election petitions, measures or political committees while on the job during working hours.

— Damian Mann

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