May 31, 1913

A series of burglaries evidently committed by the same individual took place Friday night, the burglar effecting entrances into the homes of W.A. Messler, Frank Amy, Scott Davis and Frank Isaacs. At the latter place nothing was taken, though a screen was pulled off the window.

At the Messler home on South Holly Street, the thief took a pair of trousers containing $28 in coin, a necktie and diamond scarf pin, and a pair of new shoes. The trousers and shoes were discarded a short distance from the house and recovered.

At Frank Amy's home, the thief took Mrs. Amy's purse containing the $10 gold piece and silver change. The purse was thrown away in the yard.

At Scott Davis' he reached through a window, grabbing a pair of trousers with $3 or $4 in the pockets. He was seen by Mrs. Davis at the window and fled, dropping the trousers in the yard.

There are a bunch of hoboes in the city and the thief is supposed to be one of the crowd.

A floating dope fiend who has been visiting drugstores, demanding dope and raising a disturbance when refused was taken in custody by Chief of Police Hittson today.


The bustling little city of Talent is to have a creamery and is also to have the distinction of starting a Farmer's Institute which and in all probability will become an annual institution. The Commercial Club there will meet June 3 to hear an address by Professor Reimer on the subject of "The Institute." It is planned to have it primarily one of interest to the dairy men and plans for the creamery to be built at Talent also will be discussed.

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