May 29, 1913

In order to preserve the reputation of the flock, one of Mrs. Walter Antle's hens has laid an egg of near-record size. The other day one of the hens laid a diminutive egg which started the competition among hens to see which could lay the smallest. Today one of the Rhode Island Reds at the Antle home contributed an egg measuring 71/2; by 6 inches, not a record egg, but one that would do credit to a goose. The Antle henyard considers itself vindicated.


Dr. Bertha Stuart, physical director of women at the University of Oregon, accompanied by Miss Thompson, field director, is spending a few days in the city at the invitation of the home economics department of the Greater Medford Club, of which Mrs. Byrd is chairman. Yesterday morning at the library, Dr. Stuart addressed about 50 girls for the purpose of taking up work in physical culture according to a statewide plan centering in the university.

Yesterday afternoon at 2:30 the ladies of the club met Dr. Stuart at the library and listened to a lecture on "Food and Dietetics" which, after a brief intermission, was followed by a most practical and at the same time spiritual address on social hygiene. In the matter of diet Dr. Stuart is a student of the teachings of Dr. Chittenden of Yale, who advocates cutting down the amount of meat consumed as well as reducing the quantity of food. The thoughts advanced in the second part of the address were in line with the most modern scientific investigation and proved most inspiring. Professor Tailhandler of the Medford conservatory added to the pleasure of the afternoon in playing two piano numbers.

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